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Foundation Repair Services

We specialize in foundation repair across Southeast Michigan. With many years of experience providing quality foundation repair to homeowners in Metro Detroit, we are confident we can restore your home’s foundation to safety and stability. 

We do it all from foundation cracks, to bowing walls, to settling concrete slabs.  You can trust our team of experienced foundation repair experts  to provide long lasting foundation repair services. 

Get started today with a free foundation repair estimate.

Foundation Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing foundations in the Detroit Metro area, we are staffed with the finest professionals in the industry.

To ensure your foundation and basement are not susceptible to water damage, we have extensive experience with employing  both exterior and interior waterproofing methods.  

Our methods not only prevent water from entering your basement but they also manage the hydrostatic pressure that often forces water through solid walls into your home!

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement is one of the more important investments you can make in your home.  If your basement has leaks, seepage, or flooding issues it could be a symptom of a more serious problem. 

Every home in the greater Detroit area is unique.  Our team of experienced basement waterproofing experts will find the cause for water in your basement and provide the best method for eliminating it.

Get started today with a free basement waterproofing estimate. 

Signs of Foundation Problems to Look For

Cracks in Bricks

Small cracks in your brick are common.  However, horizontal cracks  can indicate a serious problem with the structural integrity of your home’s foundation..

Cracks in Sheet Rock or Drywall

Vertical cracks often occur with normal settling.  Horizontal or 45-degree angle cracks may indicate a more serious problem such as the foundation shifting.

Gaps in Garage Door

Gaps at the bottom of your garage door may indicate the slab has cracked due to foundation settling. It is not uncommon for the slab to eventually crack.

Cracks in Corners

Corner cracks are usually not structurally significant. However, if the corner falls off and brick is no longer supported, foundation repair may be needed.

Bowing Walls

Pressure from the ground surrounding your foundation can cause the walls to bow. Left unattended, this will lead to serious structual foundation damage.

Misaligned Doors and Windows

 Sticking doors and windows are often blamed on humidity or incorrect installation.. However, foundation settling could be the root cause.  

Cracks in Floors

Cracks in in foundation floors are rarely structural.  However, water could soon follow and lead to weak foundation walls and a wet basement. 

Gaps in Door Frames and WIndows

Gaps in the doors and windows are a possible sign of foundation settlement.  Continual settling will only widen the gaps and lower your homes value.

Leaning Chimney

A leaning chimney is often caused by the foundation settling but it may be a structural issue depending if it leans away from the house or over/on the house.

Brickworks Property Restoration, LLC

Why Hire Us?

At Brickworks, we know how important your home’s appearance is. That’s why we always stay on top of current trends in the Foundation Repair industry and work to provide you with the perfect texture and appearance to match your home’s facade when we make repairs. Bottom line: when you partner with Brickworks, you’ll receive foundation repair services you can count on for years to come.

For most of our clients, their home is the most important part of their lives. Not only a roof over your head but a place where you can be yourself. It’s where the family comes together, meets, celebrates, enjoys the ups and downs in life. Your home can be your sanctuary or your nightmare.

Most foundation repair contractors look at your home as just where you live. Most contractors look at your home as another job or just a house. At Brickworks we understand what your home means to you. When it breaks, it’s painful. We understand the frustrations of dealing with contractors that can’t even show up on time. That don’t take their shoes off at the front door. They don’t show you the common courtesy that you deserve as a homeowner in your home. We’re not just the contractor. We’re sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers ourselves. We understand how important it is to find a foundation repair contractor that you can trust.

Through the years, we found that just simply caring is the most effective way to conduct proper business. Today, it’s next to impossible to find somebody that cares. Our Vision at Brickworks is to change the way that customers look at contractors and change the relationship and make it more about how we can provide professional service at the right cost to every one of our clients.

We’re here to take the stress out of the equation. There shouldn’t be pain with hiring a foundation repair contractor. The job is hard enough. Let us take that off your plate. Whatever you need, know that you can count on Brickworks to come through for you!  Give us a call here (586) 330-4920 and see why we’re Michigan’s Top Foundation Repair Professionals!

Brickworks Customer Testimonials
The whole team is great! Excellent management and commitment to the project.
Brickworks Customer

Google Review

Very professional and the workmanship was outstanding. Job began and finished on schedule. They did a good job of cleaning up when they finished. Brickworks is a quality organization.

Brickworks Customer

Google Review

John, Jason, and Team are just awesome, very professional. Normally I don't write reviews. I am so happy with their work ethic. It forced me to write this review. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Brickworks Team!!

Brickworks Customer

Google Review

Professional crew with excellent craftsmanship. They did a great job fixing our damaged home.
Brickworks Customer

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