Things to Remember While Evaluating Foundation Contractor Estimates

Free Estimate - Foundation Repair MichiganFoundation problems can prove to be lethal to a home’s integrity. Homeowners are, therefore, advised to take care of these problems immediately. However, when it comes to repairing foundation issues, finding a foundation repair contractor isn’t easy. Though there is no shortage of contractors and companies offering foundation repair services in the market, finding someone you can rely on and ultimately trust is essential and takes time. Moreover, since foundation problems are a rarity, homeowners do not interact with foundation repair contractors regularly. They, therefore, are clueless about how to judge any contractor and on what basis. However, homeowners must learn to evaluate foundation repair estimates and contractors accurately as any wrong decision can lead to their home’s integrity being compromised.

This article aims to provide its readers with all the information they need to evaluate foundation repair contractors’ proposals correctly.

Things to Remember While Evaluating Foundation Contractor Estimates

Whenever a homeowner contacts a foundation repair contractor, the first thing the company or the contractor does is evaluate the home and the situation and make recommendations based on their assessment in the form of a quote. Most homeowners ask only a single contractor to look at the problem and suggest repair work. However, all homeowners must avoid making this mistake — get at least three different contractors to evaluate the problem and ask them to provide you with detailed proposals regarding the repair work to be done.

Once you have proposals from all the chosen contractors, study each proposal carefully. There are a few important things on which you must focus.

First, the proposal you get should be elaborate and should mention what is causing the problem and must make clear suggestions regarding the repair work that must be done. For instance, if you are dealing with basement leaks, the proposal must mention what is causing the leakage issue. There can be several different reasons for a leaky basement, such as damaged or blocked gutters, faulty plumbing, cracks in walls and floors, etc. The right contractor will first establish what is causing the leakage and mention this in their quote. Always check a contractor’s plan for what they think is the underlying source of the problem.

Second, many contractors suggest excavation work for repairing issues and doing the waterproofing. However, excavation isn’t always necessary and should be avoided, if possible. Thus, if your contractor is proposing excavation work, check with at least two other contractors and make sure they are all suggesting the same thing.

Lastly, check the proposed pricing structure. Pay attention to every cost that has been added to the proposal. That apart, also make sure there are no hidden costs that may become a burden later. More importantly, once you are happy with the price structure, ask your contractor if they are willing to provide a warranty for their work as well as the components and systems they plan to install in your home. If yes, ask them to mention this in the proposal.

Many contractors and companies may demand a small fee for sending a proposal. Do not fall prey to this — many contractors will give you a detailed plan for free. Finding the right foundation contractor is easy if you decide to be smart about it.

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