Foundation Repair in Pleasant Ridge, MI

Services provided to Pleasant Ridge Homeowner:  Foundation Repair using Magnum Pierings Push Piers System.

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Our client in called us out to their home in Pleasant Ridge in regards to a sunroom off the side of their house. The sunroom has been sinking over the last 15 years. The gaps and cracks inside the sunroom have been showing themselves and getting worse depending on conditional seasons. When we were called out to this project, the customer knew that the entire structure was pulling away from the house. They weren’t entirely sure of what they needed to do to fix it.

So we came up with a foundation repair solution and a plan. Our job was to stabilize the structure so no farther movement would take place. The only way we can properly do that is to underpin. In this specific instance, we had to remove quite a bit of landscaping. Upon removal of the landscaping, we completely excavated the two sides of the structure. We chose to install a Magnum Piering pile system. This push pier system calls for specs of four foot on center going across the entire foundation of the structure.

We ended up hitting at anywhere from 30 to 35 feet in depth. Upon hitting proper torque in depth with our pier system. We lock off the system for 30 minutes. What does this is it called a dead load test. We are making sure that the capacity of our soils are going to hold the structure up so our warranty can be held in place. We completed this foundation repair project for our customer in Pleasant Ridge on time, and on budget.

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